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Charles Kilgore seated at a table with a laptop in a courtroom

Charles Kelly Kilgore

Adjunct Professor
Caruso School of Law


I am Charles Kelly Kilgore, Beverly Hills, trial lawyer.


I grew up in Lexington, Kentucky and graduated from the University of Kentucky. I graduated from Pepperdine Law School in 1993. I have lived in London, Moscow (where I taught), Palm Beach, Miami, and Los Angeles.

I founded the 11th Hour Trial Lawyers Group to help Civil or Business or PI Litigators who have not tried a case before, or are too busy to try a case. I have tried close to 100 jury trials from Civil trials to pressure packed death penalty cases, to Federal RICO cases with 200 plus defendants.

I previously taught high school in Moscow and Lexington, and currently teach law at Pepperdine.

I am also the Past President of the Malibu Bar Association.