Strategic Negotiation Skills

Faculty:  L. Randolph Lowry and John Lowry

Lawyers, managers, and other professionals can learn the latest negotiation theories and techniques in this interactive, practical, and entertaining course. Negotiation and Settlement Skills evolved from extensive work with more than 40,000 lawyers and managers in forty states. Building on the empirical data from the fields of business, communication, and psychology, the course utilizes sophisticated simulations and case studies to create a conceptual roadmap for negotiation strategy.

What you will learn:

  • Four stages of negotiation
  • Characteristics of distributive and integrative bargaining
  • Three styles of negotiations
  • Recognition and management of mixed-motive exchange
  • Techniques of competitive and collaborative negotiation
  • Interplay between style and strategy
  • The strength of alternatives in negotiation
  • Negotiation tactics and how to counter them
  • Sources and uses of power
  • Avoiding conflict aftermath
  • The dynamics of multi-party, multi-issue bargaining
  • Evaluation of negotiation success

L. Randolph Lowry is president of Lipscomb University in Nashville, Tennessee. In 1986 he founded the Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution and was a professor of law at Pepperdine University School of Law until assuming his current position in 2005. He also works as a conflict management consultant to one of the nation’s largest hospital companies and for five years served as board chair for two nonprofit health care organizations. A lawyer, active mediator, consultant, and internationally recognized educator, he is on the faculty at Vermont Law School and City University in Hong Kong.

John Lowry is the assistant dean of the Lipscomb University College of Business in Nashville, Tennessee, and founder of the college's School of Executive Education. In addition, he serves as assistant professor of management for Lipscomb University's College of Business, where he teaches negotiation and dispute resolution courses. Lowry also serves as vice president for the Strategic Resolutions Group, LLC (SRG). At SRG, he provides negotiation, mediation, and conflict management training for major insurance companies, health care organizations, and legal services providers. Prior to moving to Nashville, Lowry practiced law with Strasburger & Price, LLP in Dallas, Texas. As an attorney, he represented hospitals and health care providers in professional liability and commercial disputes. He has also served as a California State Assembly Fellow and worked in the law department of Tenet Healthcare Corporation.

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