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  • Brittany Takai"Pepperdine seeks to cultivate lawyers who do good in the world, and you will come out of law school more intelligent, analytical, compassionate, and ready to make a positive impact on your clients." - Brittany Takai student
  • Jessica Covington"Service is such a huge part of the Pepperdine mission. The opportunity to learn drew me to Pepperdine's Legal Aid Clinic, but the service aspect keeps me coming back." - Jessica Covington student
  • Joe Cardosi"It's refreshing to be part of a community that is focused on fostering the personal and professional integrity that is necessary to be a leader in this noble profession." - Joe Cardosi student
  • John Adams"I never felt pressured to choose Pepperdine. The people revealed the spirit of the school, and the decision made itself. I don't know how I could have made any other." - John Adams student
  • John Niemeyer"The Pepperdine students working in Uganda were intelligent and driven, and they were using their abilities to help others. I knew that if I were to go to law school, I'd want to be in whatever environment produced them." - John Niemeyer student
  • Ashley Cook"The attitude that we can all do well has been incredibly important to my legal education and has been one of the most enriching aspects of my time at Pepperdine." - Ashley Cook student
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