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There are nearly 10,000 Pepperdine Law alumni. Looking for some of them? Here's what we recommend!

What to Know First

  • Generally, the Law Alumni Affairs Office must direct inquiries for alumni contact information to the University Alumni Directory. This is because alumni privacy preferences (i.e., what info to release to other alumni and students) is only stored in the Directory. However, privacy preferences aside, the data in the Alumni Directory is the same as that which the Alumni Office uses.
  • Please note that the School of Law does not make attorney recommendations (and that the Alumni Directory is not intended for this purpose). You may filter the Alumni Directory by Law Practice Area, but that information is only complete and update for alumni who have chosen to respond.
  • With 10,000 alumni, the School of Law relies primarily on alumni self-updates to keep contact information updated. When possible, please double-check any information that you obtain from the University before relying on it.

The University Alumni Directory

The Alumni Directory is found at

The directory is only accessible by University alumni, staff, and students.

Logging In

  • First-time directory users should click the "Forgotten username or password" link and, when asked, enter their Pepperdine email address. (Users who no longer have a Pepperdine email address should contact the University. See Support, below.)


  • You will be taken to the search page upon logging in. (First time users will be taken to their Profile page.)
  • Enter "School of Law" under "School" (and JD under Degree, to get JDs only) to get Pepperdine Law alumni.
  • Note that the fields are very specific. For example, searches for the city of "Los Angeles" will not include neighboring towns like Santa Monica.

Use of this directory by anyone to contact all or part of the Pepperdine University Law Alumni Association membership in order to solicit funds, business, or espouse a cause, without the prior written consent of the Law School, is expressly prohibited.

Alternatives to the University Alumni Directory


If you would like assistance using the Alumni Directory or are experiencing technical problems, please contact the Pepperdine University Alumni Association at (310) 506-6190 or

If you would like general assistance with researching School of Law alumni, please contact:

Tom Inkel
Director, Law Alumni Affairs (Interim)
Phone: (310) 506-4492

If you would like to update your own contact information in Pepperdine's records, you may do so via any of the following methods: