Parris Institute for Professional Formation

Developing the Next Generation of Ethical Leaders

The Parris Institute is an exciting new initiative at Pepperdine and is quickly becoming a model for the nation in training professional leadership. The legal profession has always demanded the highest standards of character, integrity, courage, and leadership. However, the demands of fluctuating economies, complex global justice issues, and the increasing trend of corruption has sought to erode the social trust in lawyers in recent decades.

Pepperdine refuses to let the legal profession decline and is committed to rebuilding the core internal character competencies that have marked the great contributions of lawyers throughout human history. The Parris Institute provides the inspiration and substance for students to invest as much in who they are as leaders as they do in what they know as legal scholars. Pepperdine is grateful to Rex and Carrol Parris for establishing this vital institute and we are extremely proud of the profound impact the Parris Institute is having on our students in its inaugural year.

Launch Week at Pepperdine School of Law

Launch Week

An introduction to law school and the core values of professionalism

Professional Formation for First Year Law Students

Introduction to Professional Formation Course

An exciting and innovative leadership training experience for first year law students

Preceptor Program at Pepperdine School of Law

Preceptor Program

Described by students and their preceptors as valuable and inspiring

Launch Week at Parris Institute, Pepperdine Law

Events at Parris Institute

Join us as we launch initiatives and celebrate achievements at the Parris Institute for Professional Formation.

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Parris Awards

Parris Awards Celebration

Friday, March 27, 2015, 2pm

In its inaugural year, the Parris Institute celebrates the character and leadership of the graduating class. 

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