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Lifetime Pepperdine E-mail Address with Forwarding

A benefit provided by the Pepperdine University Alumni Association

Leverage the power of your Pepperdine degree by securing a lifetime e-mail address with forwarding. E-mail forwarding is a service that re-routes e-mail messages sent to "" to an active, preferred e-mail account.

What's next?

If you already have an active e-mail account provided to you through Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, Hotmail, MSN, etc., click here and begin receiving the benefit of your lifetime Pepperdine e-mail address. Register as a new user on our online community, PAN Online. Once inside, click on the E-mail Forwarding link.

If you do not already have an active, preferred e-mail account, please see suggestions below for free e-mail service providers. (**Recommended e-mail server)

  • Gmail: Click on "Sign up for Gmail"*
  • Yahoo: Click on "Free mail: Sign up"*
  • Hotmail: Click on "Sign up"
  • MSN: Click on "No, sign me up for a free MSN Hotmail e-mail address"

The registration process for these providers should take about one week to complete. Once complete, click here to register your new e-mail address to begin e-mail forwarding. Register as a new user on our online community, PAN Online. Once inside, click on the E-mail Forwarding link. All e-mails sent to your address will automatically be forwarded to your newly set up e-mail box. Our FAQ section below should be able to answer commonly asked questions regarding this feature. If you still have questions, please contact our office at 310-506-6190.

Q: Does Pepperdine's e-mail forwarding store my messages?

A: No. This service forwards e-mails to an outside active, preferred e-mail account.

Q: How do I set the return e-mail address to my E-mail Forwarding e-mail address?

A: You will need to open the software you use for your e-mail and look for a place to designate a "return" or "reply to" address. This differs between e-mail programs, but is typically found under menu items called Options, Preferences, or Tools. It will ask you to add an e-mail account. Or, you can consult the program's Help feature to get specific directions.

For current students and recent graduates:

Q: Will my student e-mail ( automatically forward to my new alumni e-mail address (

A: After your student e-mail address expires, no mail will be received at your student address. To make a smooth transition, we recommend:

  1. Forward your mail in Wavenet to a new e-mail address. Note: use Internet Explorer for this step.
  2. Set up an out-of-office message in your Wavenet account informing all your contacts of your graduation and of your new e-mail address.


  1. Contact us at or (310) 506-6190 so we can help you pull all e-mail into your new address before your account is deleted.

For general information or to report problems with the Alumni E-mail system contact the University Help Desk, at 310-506-4357.