Augsburg, Germany, Exchange Program

Augsburg, Germany, Program at Pepperdine Law

The exchange program with the University of Augsburg, Germany, is based primarily on the six-week intensive Augsburg Summer Program in European and International Economic Law.  While the courses vary from year to year, the core courses usually include European and WTO Law, German and European Company Law, European Sales Law, International Sales Law, Comparative Contract Law, and Introduction to Law & Economics.  Classes are offered in English, so no proficiency in German is required.  All students take a German language and culture course alongside their law classes. Students can find out more about the Summer Program by accessing the University of Augsburg Summer Program website

Students are officially enrolled at Pepperdine for the classes they take and both the University of Augsburg and Pepperdine require students to take a minimum of four credits.  Students wishing to take more than six credits (up to a maximum of nine credits) will need to get permission from the Director.  

About Augsburg, Germany

Augsburg, Germany

Augsburg is about 45 miles from Munich, Germany, where a small number of American law firms have legal offices. Students who are fluent in German may want to explore the possibility of an internship or externship with such firms. While students have made such arrangements in the past, Pepperdine has no established positions with such firms and students who are interested in trying to set up such an experience are expected to make the necessary arrangements on their own.

Program Eligibility

Due to ABA restrictions, Pepperdine is limited in the number of students it can send each year. Students will be selected on a "first in time, first in right" basis, but Pepperdine reserves the right to vary from that selection process if later applicants have strengths, interests, or connections to Germany that warrant concluding that such students will add special value to the program. 

To learn more about the program, e-mail Professor Peter Wendel or Professor Carol Chase.

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