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School of Law Administration

Paul L. Caron
Duane and Kelly Roberts Dean
(310) 506-4621

Danny DeWalt
Dean of Students and Chief of Staff
(310) 506-7204

Trey Childress
Dean of Faculty
(310) 506-4807

Naomi Goodno
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
(310) 506-4623

Babette Boliek
Associate Dean for Research and Faculty Development
(310) 506-4963

Selina Brandt
Associate Dean for Student Success
(310) 506-6271

Jim Gash
Associate Dean for Strategic Planning and External Relations
(310) 506-7582

Shannon Phillips
Assistant Dean for Admissions, Student Information and Financial Services

(310) 506-4631

Michael Hom
Assistant Dean, Career Development

(310) 506-7439

Katie Kerr Dodds
Assistant Dean, Law Library and Assistant Professor of Law

(310) 506-4641

Phillip Bohl
Assistant Dean, Information Services
(310) 506-4813