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Photo of Naomi Harlin Goodno, J.D.

Naomi Harlin Goodno, J.D.
Co-Director, Byrne Judicial Clerkship Institute and Associate Professor of Law

Office: School of Law (SOL)

  • J.D., Boalt Law School, Univeristy of California, Berkeley, 1999
  • A.B., Princeton University, 1995

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After focusing on history and teaching as an undergraduate at Princeton University, Professor Goodno attended Boalt Law School for the first two years and spent her third year studying at Harvard Law School. While at Boalt, Professor Goodno served as an articles editor for the California Law Review. At Harvard, she was an active member of the Mediation Program. She also interned at the U.S. Attorney's Office, Northern District of California, and the Alameda District Attorney's Office.

After law school, Professor Goodno joined the downtown Los Angeles firm of Quinn, Emanuel, Urquhart & Sullivan, where she litigated numerous complex civil litigation cases, including white collar crime, class actions, bankruptcy, breach of contract, fraud, and property and employment disputes. She then clerked for the Honorable Arthur L. Alarcon of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit.



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Forthcoming Articles

  • Naomi Harlin Goodno, Hope for the Most Vulnerable in Developing Countries: Failure to Enforce the Rule of Law as a Crime Against Humanity, forthcoming.
  • Books

  • Naomi Harlin Goodno, H. Mitchell Caldwell, Carol A. Chase & L. Timothy Perrin, CASE FILES FOR BASIC TRIAL ADVOCACY (LexisNexis 2009). WorldCat
  • Robert L. Ballard, Naomi H. Goodno, Robert F. Cochran & Jay A. Millbrandt (eds.), THE INTERCOUNTRY ADOPTION DEBATE: DIALOGUES ACROSS DISCIPLINES (Cambridge Scholars Publishing 2015). WorldCat
  • Book Chapters

  • Naomi Harlin Goodno, The Hague: An Endless Balancing Act of Preventing Intercountry Adoption Abuses and Finding Permanent Homes for Orphans, in THE INTERCOUNTRY ADOPTION DEBATE: DIALOGUES ACROSS DISCIPLINES (Ballard et al. eds., Cambridge Scholars Publishing 2015). WorldCat
  • Naomi Harlin Goodno, California "Three Strikes" Law Alleviates Crime, in MANDATORY MINIMUM SENTENCING (Gale Cengage Learning, 2010) . WorldCat
  • Naomi Harlin Goodno, Please Remain Silent, in THE DIVERSITY HOAX: LAW STUDENTS REPORT FROM BERKELEY (David Wienir & Marc Berley eds., Foundation for Academic Standards & Tradition 1999) .
  • Articles

  • Naomi Harlin Goodno, When the Commerce Clause Goes International: A Proposed Legal Framework for the Foreign Commerce Clause, 66 FLA. L. REV. 1190 (2013) SSRN
  • Naomi Harlin Goodno, How Public Schools Can Constitutionally Halt Cyberbullying: A Model Cyberbullying Policy that Considers First Amendment, Due Process, and Fourth Amendment Challenges, 46 WAKE FOREST L. REV. 641 (2011) SSRN HeinOnline
  • Naomi Harlin Goodno, Protecting "Any" Child: The Confidential Marital Communications Privilege In Child Molestation Cases, 59 U. KAN. L. REV. 1 (2010) SSRN HeinOnline
  • Naomi Harlin Goodno, Cyberstalking, A New Crime: Evaluating the Effectiveness of Current State and Federal Laws, 72 MO. L. REV. 125 (2007) HeinOnline
  • Naomi Harlin Goodno, Career Criminals Targeted: The Verdict is in, California's Three Strikes Law Proves Effective, 37 GOLDEN GATE U. L. REV. 461 (2007); J. OF THE INST. FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF CRIM. JUST., Summer 2007, at 6 HeinOnline
  • Naomi Harlin Goodno, Bluebook Madness: How to Have Fun Teaching Citation, 16 PERSP.: TEACHING LEGAL RES. & WRITING 40 (2007)
  • Naomi Harlin Goodno, The S.M.A.S.H. Work-Out Circuit: Tightening Flabby Sentences, SECOND DRAFT, Aug. 2005, at 4
  • Popular Press

  • Naomi Harlin Goodno, Presentation, "Crimes Committed Abroad: How Criminal Laws, but not Constitutional Protections, Follow U.S. Citizens Abroad," Southeastern Association of Law Schools Annual Meeting, 2011.
  • Naomi Harlin Goodno, Presentation, "Global Criminal Prosecutions of U.S. Citizens," SoCal Junior Faculty Workshop, 2011.
  • Naomi Harlin Goodno, "When does (should) Cyberbullying become Criminal?," Children's Legal Rights Journal Symposium, Loyola University, Chicago, School of Law, 2010.
  • Naomi Harlin Goodno, Poster presentation, "Evidentiary Privileges in Child Abuse Cases," Annual Conference on Christian Legal Thought, American Association of Law Schools, 2010.
  • Naomi Harlin Goodno, Poster presentation, "The War Against Human Trafficking: How to Prevent, Protect, Prosecute, and Provide," American Association of Law Schools, 2010.
  • Naomi Harlin Goodno, "Protecting All Children: Evidence In Child Molestation Cases," Chase Law School, 2009.
  • Naomi Harlin Goodno, Moderator, "The Veritas Forum," Pepperdine University, 2009.
  • Naomi Harlin Goodno, Panelist, "The Value of Judicial Clerkships," Pepperdine University School of Law (with the Honorable Arthur Alarcon and the Honorable Otis Wright), 2008.
  • Naomi Harlin Goodno, Radio Interview, The Bryant Park Project, Cyber Bullies Hard to Stop, NPR, available at http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=16763234, 2007.
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  • Naomi Harlin Goodno, Interview, Voice of America, available at http://www.voanews.com/english/portal.cfm, (interview translated into Chinese, available at http://www.voanews.com/chinese/w2007-12-07-voa57.cfm), 2007.
  • Naomi Harlin Goodno, "The Legal Landscape: Current Human Trafficking Laws and the Next Step," Asha Forum Consultation for North America, Fuller Seminary, 2007.
  • Naomi Harlin Goodno, Interview, ABA Journal, 2007.
  • Naomi Harlin Goodno, "Human Trafficking: The Supply and Demand of Modern-Day Slavery," Human Rights Symposium, Pepperdine University School of Law, 2006.
  • Naomi Harlin Goodno, Moderator, Board of Education Election Debates, Conejo Valley Unified School District, 2006.
  • Naomi Harlin Goodno, Interview, Law Crossing, "Law Job Star," available at http://www.lawcrossing.com/article/index.php?id=2209, 2006.

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