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Bar Review Resources

All students are highly encouraged to use a commercial bar review course to prepare for their bar exams. The Caruso School of Law does not endorse any specific vendor; it provides the contact information below to assist students in contacting vendors. All students are encouraged to make a thoughtful decision about which bar review course to take. When doing so, students should ensure that they understand the product they are purchasing and ensure they are making wise investments. AMP professionals provide students factors to consider when assessing which bar review courses and all students are strongly encouraged to assess those factors when deciding which courses will best meet their needs. For inquiries, please contact Selina Brandt, Associate Dean for Academic Success, at selina.farrell@pepperdine.edu.

Bar Review Resources and Websites

Adaptibar www.adaptibar.com
Alfred Zappala alfredzappala.com
AmeriBar thebarexam.com
Bar Essays www.baressays.com
Bar Exam Cram Session www.barexamcramsession.com
Bar Exam Doctor www.barexamdoctor.com
Bar Exam Guru www.barexamguru.com
Bar Exam Info www.barexam.info
BarMax getbarmax.com
Bar None Review barnonereview.com
Bar Review Solutions barreviewsolutions.com
Bar Tutorial bartutorial.net
Bar With Bobby barwithbobby.com
barXMprep www.barxmprep.com
Barbri www.barbri.com
Bargraders www.bargraders.com
CA Bar Exam Repeaters Resource  www.cabarexamrepeatersresource.com
Cal Bar Tutorial Review www.cbtronline.com
Flemings www.lawprepare.com
Geissler and Associates www.patentprepcourse.com
Josephson Law Bar Exam Prep www.josephsonlaw.net
MyBarPrep www.mybarprep.com
Open Book Bar Prep www.openbookbarprep.com
Parliament Tutors www.parliamenttutors.com
PMBR www.pmbr.com
Reed Bar Review www.reedbarreview.com
Strategic Bar Coach www.strategicbarcoach.com
The Study Group www.barexam.com
Supreme Bar Review www.supremebarreview.com
Themis Bar Review www.themisbar.com
The Writing Edge www.writingedge.com

Other Bar Resources

Bar Passers

California Bar Examination Preparation

Emanuel Bar Review

Gould's Legal Education

Law Bound Prep

Law Works Review Bar Camp

Micro Mash

PASS - Practical Academic Support Services

Varsity Tutors