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Academic Success Program

About the Program

The Academic Success Program (ASP) has two objectives:

  1. to provide direct, skills-focused academic support for students desiring additional help.
  2. to provide resources for law school success for all students.

To meet these objectives, the ASP provides a variety of programs and resources, including:

  • Skills workshops (first semester)
  • Group skills sessions (first semester)
  • Law Exam Workshop (second semester)
  • Individual consultations;Online resources
  • Academic Success library

Skills Workshops

To assist all first year students in their transition into law school, the ASP offers a series of weekly skills workshops during the first semester. Participation in this program is voluntary and open to all first year students. Workshop topics include case briefing, note taking, outlining, issue spotting, exam writing, and practice examinations.

Group Skills Session

Teaching fellows are hired from the upper division classes and assigned to a particular first year section. During the first semester, these fellows host weekly group skills sessions based on the ASP skills workshop delivered that week. Participation in this program is voluntary and open to all first year students. In the group skills sessions, students have the opportunity to put the workshop skills into practice and receive feedback from the teaching fellows on their efforts.

Law Exam Workshop

Law Exam Workshop is an optional course offered to second semester students who struggled academically during their first semester. The class meets once a week to assist students with adjusting their study plan and to provide ample opportunities to practice exam-taking skills. The course does not receive academic credit. The pedagogical goal is not to teach substantive material but to improve test-taking skills that can positively impact performance in all substantive classes. In addition to the weekly class meeting, the students are assigned to study groups based on their respective first year sections that are facilitated by teaching fellows from upper division classes. The teaching fellows are often nominated by faculty members and are hired, trained, supervised, and evaluated by the ASP Director. The students have the opportunity to receive feedback from their regular professors, the ASP Director, and their respective teaching fellow.

Individual Consultations & Resources

All students have a variety of avenues for individualized instruction:

  • Professor office hours – Pepperdine University School of Law prides itself on professor accessibility, and all students are encouraged to take advantage of their professors' open doors for one-on-one substantive instruction.
  • ASP Director office hours – The ASP Director is available for one-on-one skills instruction for all students.
  • Teaching Fellow office hours – For first semester students, the Teaching Fellow assigned to each respective section hosts office hours for skills-related consultation. For second semester students in the Law Exam Workshop, the teaching fellow assigned to the student's section provide weekly, one-on-one tutoring.

Academic Success Library

Professor Schultz maintains a library of academic support materials in the Law Library.

Contact Information

For more information, please contact the Professor Steve Schultz, Director of Academic Success, at Steven.Schultz2@pepperdine.edu.