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Farmers Field Convention and Event Center Project

Los Angeles, CA

SB 292 Mediation Process

May 30 – June 29, 2012


Pepperdine Law School and its internationally-recognized Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution are pleased to announce that the City of Los Angeles has appointed Adjunct Professor of Law Denise Madigan and Associate Professor of Law Peter Robinson to mediate issues surrounding the environmental impact report for the proposed Farmers Field/Convention and Event Center Project in Los Angeles. Professor Madigan, recently appointed Director of the Straus' Institute's new Public Disputes Project will be serving as Lead Mediator for the project, with Professor Robinson, Managing Director of the Straus Institute, serving as Co-Mediator.   The two were appointed in May, 2011, by the City of Los Angeles, pursuant to SB 292, an amendment to the California Environmental Quality Act pertaining specifically to the Farmers Field project.

Please note that all requests to participate in mediation must be made in writing and submitted to the City of Los Angeles by 4 PM, Tuesday May, 29, 2012. More information about the mediation process, which is scheduled to conclude by June 29, 2012, can be found at the links below.   Interested parties are also invited to contact Professor Madigan at either 310-506-4655 or at her direct number at 310-234-8287.

About the Mediators

Denise R. Madigan is with ADR Services, Inc., in Los Angeles, andDenise Madigan was formerly with JAMS/Endispute for 10 years.  She entered the field as an Associate Director for the Harvard-MIT Public Disputes Program back in the early 1980's.  Madigan received her JD from Harvard Law School and has over twenty years' of experience mediating a wide range of litigation and public policy cases nationwide.  In addition to her full-time practice, Madigan has taught mediation as an adjunct professor at Pepperdine School of Law, Hong Kong University Law School, City University of Hong Kong Law School, and Shantou University in mainland China.  She has been recognized as one of California's Top Neutrals by the Daily Journal (2011), and Mediator of the Year for Los Angeles by Best Lawyers (2012).  She also has been recognized as a SuperLawyer and Best Lawyer in ADR for several years.

Peter Robinson is Managing Director of the Straus Institute for DisputePeter Robinson Resolution and associate professor at Pepperdine University School of Law. He has presented advanced negotiation and mediation skills courses in more than 39 states and foreign countries. He has served on the boards of the Christian Conciliation Service of Los Angeles, Ventura Center for Dispute Settlement, Dispute Resolution Services of the LACBA, Southern California Mediation Association, and California Dispute Resolution Council. He is a fellow of the International Academy of Mediators, a member of the American College of Civil Trial Mediators and was recognized as a Southern California Super Lawyer in the area of mediation since 2006.

May 16,2012 Public Comment Hearing Materials

Handout A: A General Description of Mediation
Handout B: The SB 292 Mediation Process
Handout C: Timeline for Written Comments and SB 292 Mediation
Handout D: Key Contact Information