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Straus Institute Offers in Malaysia

The Malaysian Institute of Arbitrators invited the Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution to present the Mediating the Litigated Case program in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, on September 23-28, 2010. The Malaysian Institute of Arbitrators recruited participants from members of its panel as well as leaders in the Malaysian bench and bar. Mohanadass Kanagasabai, the president of the Malaysian Institute of Arbitrators heard about the program when 40 judges from Thailand attended the program in Malibu last summer.

The Mediating the Litigated Case format has been well received when taught around the world because it begins with acknowledgment of a spectrum of mediation styles and philosophies. The course imposes on the participants the responsibility to formulate their approaches, which leave lots of room for cultural and context adaptation. Teaching a vast variety of mediation approaches creates rich menu of mediation techniques. Once experienced professionals are aware of their mediation techniques options, they appreciate that Straus defers to their judgment about when and how to use the various methods.

Straus Institute adjunct professors Bruce Edwards (JAMS in San Francisco, California) and James Craven (Evans, Craven & Lackie in Spokane, Washington) joined Straus Institute’s managing director Peter Robinson as the faculty team for this project.