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Stipanowich Keynotes Arbitration Forum

Straus Academic Director Professor Tom Stipanowich was the keynoter and moderator for a day-long workshop on arbitration sponsored by the Indiana Bar Association in Indianapolis on Feb. 8, 2008.

The by-invitation-only event entitled "Arbitration Forum--Does the Process Work?" involved attorneys, judges and neutrals from Indiana, Illinois and Kentucky. Professor Stipanowich's keynote presentation addressed many current issues under arbitration procedures, statutes and ethical rules. Attendees participated in eleven separate workshops on key arbitration practice topics, from arbitrator selection to remedies and awards.

Stipanowich reflected, "The Forum provided fascinating insights into the ways arbitration is working and not working. Although we came prepared to discuss statutory reform, most of the day's emphasis was on critical practice issues that are most directly affected by the people who draft arbitration agreements, by arbitrators and by advocates."