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The PACIS Project in Faith Based Diplomacy

The late Tim Pownall, assistant director of the Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution and director of the Straus/Seaver Conflict Management Program, receives the Peacemaker Award from the Association for Conflict Resolution.

"Words count and trust matters"

The PACIS Project in Faith Based Diplomacy, in consultation with governments and religious leaders, addresses intractable identity-based conflicts that exceed the grasp of traditional diplomacy by effectively combining the transcendent power of religion with the practice of international diplomacy through an innovative model of faith-based reconciliation that has borne tangible fruit in the United States, Sudan, Kashmir and recently in the Arab and Israeli spheres of influence.

The PACIS Project emphasizes "on the ground" intervention among polarized communities in situations of identity-based conflict. It seeks to work with leaders and emerging leaders in policymaking circles, foreign ministries, national security agencies, religious denominational communities and humanitarian non-governmental organizations who grapple with the complex role of religion in societies, and violent conflict. The PACIS Project focuses on the development of the specialized field of track two diplomacy that is able to work in a collaborative fashion with official track one government-to-government diplomacy.

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