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Student Life Challenge

students at Pepperdine School of Law

General Information

The Student Life Challenge has been designed to motivate you to incorporate healthy behaviors into your busy lifestyle and to help you excel in law school. Your mind works better when your body works hard. 

Who Can Participate?

All students, faculty, and staff at the Pepperdine University School of Law are eligible to participate, but only students will be eligible for the grand prizes as well as the prizes offering a free semester of group fitness classes.

Time Frame

Points may be accumulated over ten weeks – between Friday, September 11 through Friday, November 13.

How to Earn Points

Physical Exercise

  • 5 points for every day you do a light workout.
    • Quiet gym "Diet Coke" workout – 5 minutes (Quiet Gym workouts can be modified)
    • 30 minute walk
    • Like the Pepperdine Recreation Facebook Page (One time only)
  • 10 points for every day you do a moderate workout.
    • Quiet Gym "Better Than Nothing" workout – 10 minutes
    • 20 minute jog
    • CCB Stairs – three times in a row without stopping
  • 15 points for every day you do a strenuous workout.
    • Quiet Gym "I Worked Out Today" workout – 15 minutes
    • Strenuous sports (e.g., surfing, intramurals; basketball)
  • 20 points for every day you do a fanatical workout.
    • Quiet Gym "Its No Joke" workout – 20 minutes
    • 5k run
  • 25 points for every day you do an extreme workout.
    • Quiet Gym "I'd Rather Get Called On" workout – 30 minutes
    • Completing an organized 10k (or longer) walk or run.
    • Any organized race counts.

Emotional Health

  • 10 points for each week that you meditate or pray at least five times.
  • 10 points for each week that you participate in at least one healthy social activity. (i.e. – Attend a sporting event with friends, go to a movie with friends, go to the beach with friends, etc.)
  • 15 points for completing e-CHUG. One time only!


  • 15 points for each week you make healthy food choices for at least 3 entire days. (Pizza and Pancakes = not healthy)
  • 20 points for each week you eliminate sugar from your diet for at least 5 entire days.

Grand Prizes

(Note: Only students are eligible for the grand prizes.)

  • The STUDENT with the most points will win a $250 gift Visa. The grand prize will be equally divided in case of a tie.
  • All participants entering a scorecard with at least 50 points will be entered into a drawing to win a $250 gift Visa.
  • (If you make the recommended healthy choices, you, too, will be a winner, regardless of your points!)

Other Prizes

A tier point system will be used for drawings for other prizes. All participants that submit their scorecard by the due date will be entered to win one of five gift cards within the applicable tier for total points earned (one chance per entry).

In addition, one person from each tier (students only) will win a free spring semester of group fitness classes with Pepperdine's Campus Recreation!

Tier One 50-250 points Chance to win one of five $15 Subway gift cards
Tier Two 251-500 points Chance to win one of five $20 Subway gift cards
Tier Three 501+ points Chance to win one of five $25 Subway gift cards

Parris Institute Contact

Danny Dewalt, Assistant Director for the Parris Institute for Professional Formation

(310) 506-7204