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Mentor Relationships


To help students and alumni and develop a meaningful relationship that will last over time. We hope that both the student and alumnus/alumna and build a strong friendship – that will hopefully turn into either a job or a good lead on a job.


A 2L or 3L law student seeking to network develop a strong relationship with Pepperdine Law alumni.


A Pepperdine law alumnus/alumna who has expressed interest in mentoring a 2L or 3L student.

Helpful Tips to make this program the best it can be:

  1. Preceptor: Stay in touch with your Preceptor if you have not checked in with them in a while. Your Preceptor could be a great lifelong connection, not simply a 1L connection.
  2. Professionalism: Mentees are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner, consistent with the values of the Parris Institute.
  3. Timing: Just a tip – relationships usually take a long time to build, so try to commit to building a relationship over time: several months or years, etc.
  4. Connection Timing: It is great to visit/meet every three months of the year. (Professional networkers say in order to stay in one's "mind's eye," contact needs to be made every three months.)
  5. Responsiveness: If you can, respond to Mentor within (1) business day of their communications – that lets them know you care about them.
  6. Job Ask: It is best to bring up a future job after the first (or potentially second) communication or meeting with your Mentor. You will able to judge when the timing is right – just remember you don't have to rush it!
  7. Listening Skills: If possible, try to listen more than you speak. Remember that most people like other people if the other person asks them questions about themselves. Therefore, mentors will appreciate if you spend the majority of your time asking them about themselves – and they will like you more!
  8. Communications: Make electronic communications (email, phone, etc.) short, simple, and easy for your mentor. Go to them for meetings and meet them at the place most convenient for them if possible. Again, they will like you!
  9. Honoring: Honor your mentors at special times during the year – the holidays, their birthday, their children's birthdays, anniversaries, etc.
  10. Spreadsheet: If possible, keep track of your preceptors/mentors and alumni connections with a simple Excel spreadsheet that you update each time you visit. It will help you keep track of all the connections you are making!
  11. HAVE fun! We hope this experience will be rewarding and exciting for you and lead to a great job opportunity!