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Jenny Yancey and Dan Siegel each bring more than 20 years of experience creating and managing nonprofit organizations and working as consultants, researchers, trainers and writers promoting effective philanthropy and innovation in the nonprofit sector. Their combined history of envisioning and building new infrastructure support models in the philanthropic and nonprofit sector, convening leaders across organizations and sectors, sparking collaborative ventures, advising donors, engaging and working with youth and learning daily as parents makes them well-suited to launch and lead YouthGive.


Jenny Yancey, Cofounder and President
Dan Siegel, Cofounder and President

Yancey and Siegel cofounded New Visions PRD in 1989, an international philanthropic research and development organization that has consulted to major foundations and individual donors, and undertaken cutting edge research to advance philanthropy. In 2003 they co-authored a two-year national study of the donor education field, Philanthropy's Forgotten Resource? Engaging the Individual Donor, in partnership with the Ford, Hewlett, Kellogg and Packard foundations. Siegel and Yancey have worked with numerous financial advisors on philanthropic giving with clients of wealth, and have personally advised individual donors and families in the creation & development of their strategic giving plans.

For eight years, Yancey and Siegel worked in Eastern Europe, focused on the work of young social entrepreneurs and the development of the emerging philanthropic and non-governmental sectors. They were founding Executive Directors of the Civil Society Development Foundations based in Hungary and Poland from 1993-96, which served to create two of the leading national nonprofit resource and training centers that still thrive today. They live in Mill Valley, CA with their two children, Weezie 14 and Satchel 11, who serve as Youth Marketing consultants to YouthGive.