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Creative CitizenTM equips individuals and communities to move forward in the quest to become responsible global citizens. Instead of focusing on the fear induced by water shortages, expanding landfills, smoggy cities and the specter of global warming, Creative Citizen focuses on one action at a time, knowing that a series of small actions can lead to massive results.

Scott Badenoch,
Chief Executive Officer Creative Citizen

Scott is a dedicated social entrepreneur with expertise in a variety of areas, namely understanding of the green market, business strategy, legal analysis, communications and conducting negotiations.

Scott is a leader in the green community as a member of the steering committee for Green Business Networking, a group with over 800 green business leaders, and BALLE's L.A. chapter (Business Alliance for Local Living Economies). He has also developed many strategic relationships for Creative Citizen, John Picard & Associates, one of the preeminent leaders in the green industry, Rocky Mountain Institute, Wiser Earth and Conservation Value. Scott is a visionary and evangelist for the green movement, driving the market to greater heights through business solutions.