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Compete to ConserveTM is an online community that encourages and promotes conservation on a personal and accessible level. At www.competetoconserve.com, you will find a supportive online community that inspires positive, practical changes in the way we consume natural resources. Whether your goal is to stop drinking bottled water, understand what it means to be "organic" and "natural", save the world or simply recycle a little more each day, Compete to Conserve hopes to foster a friendly, non-partisan environment for real people to discuss how to make the best practical changes that promote sustainability.

The website is entirely free, and there is always an ongoing challenge designed to encourage individuals to compete in saving resources in order to win great prizes and have fun. The website also features its own blog, "Conservation 101", where you can find practical and informative articles to help you navigate through a rapidly growing, eco-changing world. Compete to Conserve's co-founders are Craig Garner (an attorney and alumnus of Pepperdine University School of Law turned hospital CEO) and Tim Barkow (Creative Director of SMITH Magazine and creator of six-word memoir bestseller, Not Quite What I Was Planning).

Session Description:

Co-founders Craig Garner and Tim Barkow will lead a panel discussion regarding the impact technology such as the internet, social networking websites and gaming have had and will continue to have on environmental issues; high-tech addresses a low-tech issue.