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Spring Break: Frequently Asked Questions

Spring Break

Spring Break

Spring Break

Spring Break

How much does the program cost?

On average, the subsidized cost each year has been $1800. The cost includes flights, accommodations, ground transportation, meals, group excursions and the visa application. It does not include any personal shopping or vaccinations/medications required for travel.

What are the dates?

This is a Spring Break trip. We typically leave one or two days prior to the break in order to maximize our time. Trip dates are made known in October.

When can I apply?

Applications typically open in the month of September and close in October. Announcements via the Surf Report, Facebook, and digital signs will let you know when the application is available. Decisions are made and commitments are requested before the Fall semester ends.

How competitive is the program?

We accept 10-15 students for this trip. The positions are always competitive and we can't always take those who apply.

What are you looking for in candidates?


  • Passionate about Global Justice;
  • Must have completed at least one year of legal education;
  • Available during the trip dates given


  • Experience in global justice related work
  • Pursuing careers in global justice

Who leads the trip?

Our Global Justice Program team leads the trip! Executive Director Danny DeWalt, Director Cameron McCollum, and Assistant Director Jenna DeWalt. 

What can I expect participating in this trip?

Expect to have all of your expectations blown away during this trip. The people you will meet and the opportunities you will have will be life-changing. This is not just a fun Spring Break alternative. This is designed to rock your world and to give you leverage as you begin planning your career. It gives us the opportunity to fulfill our mission here at Pepperdine: to strengthen your life for purpose, service, and leadership. Practically speaking, traveling halfway around the world and back in the course of ten days is exhausting. Being in a new culture and meeting new people might be uncomfortable. But the opportunities we have to engage with this country and assist in building a stronger system of justice is well worth the exhaustion and discomfort. You won't regret joining us on this adventure!

What if I have other questions?

Please contact jenna.dewalt@pepperdine.edu with any additional inquiries.