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Student Programs

Student Programs

Summer Internships


The internship program is designed for Pepperdine Caruso Law students passionate about pursuing careers under the umbrella of Global Justice. The internships available for students are all international.

Semester Internships


NEW! Global Justice Internships.

We are thrilled to announce the opportunity to intern in Uganda during the Fall or Spring semester. The two available positions are with the Technical Advisor to the Judiciary, Andrew Khaukha.

The application process for this program is very fluid. If you are interested in applying or just want to hear more, reach out to Jenna DeWalt at jenna.dewalt@pepperdine.edu.

Uganda Fellowship

Uganda Fellow

A one-year position is open to our recent Pepperdine Caruso Law graduates where they have the opportunity to live and work in Uganda as a mediator and a coordinator for the work of the Global Justice Program throughout the year.

Spring Break

Spring Break

The purpose of the Spring Break trip is to provide an opportunity for our students to use their law degree with a human rights lens.