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Vision and Purpose

Global Justice mission

Global Justice mission

Global Justice mission

Global Justice mission


We believe that everyone deserves access to justice and to live a life free of the fear of violence and coercion.


Love people by placing our students in proximity to the oppressed and broken.

Listen well and tell the stories of injustice around the world.

Empower those we serve and support their efforts and ideas for change.


We equip our law students with the knowledge, experience, and relationships necessary to pursue careers that seek justice and create a lasting impact for the world's most vulnerable people.

From Pepperdine's Malibu campus, students and faculty deeply invest in global justice projects. Inside the classroom, students learn international and human rights law from distinguished Nootbaar Institute faculty, prominent speakers, and conferences analyzing various global justice topics issues. Outside the classroom and around the world, students gain practical experience by engaging directly with professors, practicing attorneys, international organizations, and judicial officers in their important justice work.


A shortage of legal training and capacity impedes the advancement of human rights, religious freedom, and rule of law throughout the developing world. The combination of a severe shortage of legally trained advocates, insufficient judicial resources, and inefficient case management systems, overwhelms the existing capacity of judicial institutions in their efforts to provide justice to their populations. As a global law school, Pepperdine is positioned to respond to these deep needs through the dedicated work of its passionate students, faculty, and alumni. Through the Sudreau Global Justice Program, current law students and alumni occupy strategic positions in judicial systems and leading human rights organizations around the world. In these capacities, students and alumni provide critical support in research and writing, legal reform, and advancement of human rights, and, in turn, receive both once-in-a-lifetime opportunities and individual mentorship from accomplished justice-sector leaders. Pepperdine law faculty also participate in the Sudreau Global Justice Program by conducting in-country training programs and serving as advisors to these organizations, agencies, and judicial systems.