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Upcoming Student Publications

Volume 40

Ryan Killian – Sorenson Award Winner
An Illusion of Sacrifice: The Incompatibility of Binding Stipulations in CAFA Cases

Summer Allen
Defining the Lifeblood: The Search for a Sensible Ministerial Exception Test

Natalie Ferrall
Concerted Activity and Social Media: Why Facebook is Nothing Like the Proverbial Water Cooler

Rebecca Getman
The PKPA: Thirty Years Later and of No Effect? Where Can the Unwed Father Turn?

Jeremy Grunert
How Do You Solve a Problem Like Sharia? Awad v. Ziriax and the Question of Sharia Law in America

Margot Parmenter
Louboutins and Legal Loopholes: Aesthetic Functionality and Fashion

Tania Rice
Letting the Apes Run the Zoo: Dealing with the Ramifications of Nonhuman Rights

Skyler Sanders
Uncle Sam and the Partitioning Punitive Problem: A Federal Split-Recovery Statute or a Federal Tax?

Kristina Sherry
What Happens [to Our Facebook Accounts] When We Die?: Probate Versus Policy and the Fate of Social-Media Assets Postmortem

Kelsey Waples
Extreme Rubber-stamping: The Fee-to-Trust Process of the Indian Reorganization Act of 1934

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