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Staff Members

The Journal of Business, Entrepreneurship and the Law is a student run organization. Student editors make all editorial and organizational decisions, including article selection, editing, publishing, and hosting symposia. Staff members are selected on the basis of scholarship and their ability to excel at legal research and writing. Staff membership is recognized as both an honor and a unique educational experience. Current staff members include:

Cory Baker Editor in Chief 
Jennifer Ireland Managing Editor
Chelsey Huso Lead Articles Editor
Ariana Perfecto Business Editor (Marketing & Blog)
Kaitlin Paulus Business Editor (Production & Finance)
Matthew Bremont Symposium Editor

Additional Editors

Note & Comment

  • Vince Bledsoe
  • Jacqueline Karama
  • Tara Zabehi

Literary Citation

  • Allison Davenport
  • David Khanjyan
  • Paul Kim


  • Abby Marks
  • Sanaz Alami
  • Geoffrey Olin

Junior Staffers

  • Justin Cohanghadosh
  • Steven Gagliano
  • Patrick Handy
  • Hunter Higgins
  • Alexa Holloran
  • Nicholas Lehberz
  • Luke Landers
  • Jordan Matthews


  • Sean O'Connor
  • Neil Patel
  • Rashid Shakirov
  • Samuel Wiley