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Fred Rubin

Fred Rubin

Fred M. Rubin has been in public service for over 43 years starting his career in the Los Angeles County Flood Control District. In 1985 the Flood Control District merged with the Road Department and the County Engineer to form the Department of Public Works, the largest municipal public works agency in the country, employing over 4000 people with a budget approaching two billion dollars.

Public Works is responsible for the construction, operation and maintenance of the County's roadways, traffic signals and intelligent transportation systems, flood control infrastructure including 15 major dams, five airports, sewer and water systems, and regulates building processes and subdivision mapping services for private land development. Public Works is a leader in managing environmental issues including watershed management, waste diversion and recycling as well as many other cutting edge environmental policies and programs. It provides public outreach and education programs, publishes and enforces best management practices for activities that may affect the watershed, and manages watersheds to provide a balance between flood control, recreation, and protecting the natural environment.

Mr. Rubin has been an advocate of sustainable development since long before the phrase became popular. As many people do, he feels that we all have a responsibility to help each other and work together to make better communities. Over the years he has been involved with numerous projects and has found that engaging the stakeholders is essential. He stresses the importance of thinking things through to a desired outcome and trying to understand the different interests of the stakeholders including economic, social, and cultural differences. Understanding what motivates people and taking care of their needs builds trust and ultimately results in great projects.

Mr. Rubin is a graduate of UCLA with a bachelor of science in civil engineering and holds a bachelor of arts in applied psychology.

In his free time Mr. Rubin is an accomplished cabinet maker and likes to explore the back roads on his motorcycle. He has discovered many interesting and enjoyable places in this beautiful country.