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On September 27, 2006, from a bluff overlooking the Pacific Ocean on Pepperdine University's Malibu campus, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger signed AB 32, the Global Warming Solutions Act.

AB 32 was followed on September 30, 2008 with the signing of SB 375. At the heart of these laws is the connection between land use planning decisions and climate change. But while the content of this pioneering legislation was formulated with some clarity in Sacramento, the process by which the decisions will be made throughout California remains to be answered. Like no other time in the history of California, relationships between government agencies, and between those agencies and vested 'stakeholders,' are being re-constituted.

We have entered a new era in governance--one that demands greater transparency, collaboration, and participation. To be successful, leaders (both public and private sector) will need to learn and hone the skills necessary for this new policy-making world. Approaches based on consensus building, mediation and more robust forms of public engagement--especially when implemented early in the process (i.e. 'upstream')--can help manage potential and existing land use disputes, and create more sustainable communities.

On September 25, 2009, the third anniversary of AB 32 and the first year anniversary of SB 375, Pepperdine University is proud to host "Taking It Upstream: Collaboration, Consensus Building and Sustainable Development—A Green Leadership (Un)Conference." This groundbreaking symposium will use highly participatory engagement techniques to explore the opportunities and constraints that lie ahead, and develop the leaders required to address tomorrow's challenges.

Who Should Attend:

Green-minded elected officials, agencies, planners, architects, developers, engineers, attorneys, mediators, facilitators and community leaders.


  • Interactive 'Fishbowl-Style' Framing Panels: 'The Big Picture,' 'The Local Perspective,' and 'Cutting-Edge Collaborative Techniques'
  • Intimate Sustainability Roundtable Dialogues
  • World Café Learning Exchange Lunch
  • A Mayors' Panel Conversation
  • Movers & Shakers Take-Away Session
  • 'Green Opportunities' Drawing
  • Sun & Sea Networking Reception

Invited speakers include:

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Governor
Arnold Schwarzenegger,
Fran Pavley, Senator
Fran Pavley, Senator,
Co-author of AB 32

See full listing of featured speakers, panelists and framers.