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In order to educate the best, the brightest, and the committed, they must first have access.

Ever-rising tuition and fees. High student loan interest. Inadequate or nonexistent family financial support. All of these factors can prohibit excellent candidates from pursuing their degrees at the School of Law. Now more than ever we need the next generation of top-tier lawyers to be prepared for service and leadership as peacemakers and justice seekers ... at Pepperdine.

We are equipped to transform our students with exemplary faculty, academic and career resources, an incomparable setting, and a demonstrated record of success - from a nearly 90 percent bar passage rate to moot court and appellate competition victories. And yet, our scholarship endowment is disproportionately low, and must increase if we are to attract and retain the best and brightest law school applicants.

Through a $1 million endowment, donors can establish a named Millennium Scholarship, providing vital tuition assistance to an incoming law student who demonstrates financial need. The scholarship carries your name, and brings the satisfaction of empowering outstanding law scholars in perpetuity.

THE MILLENNIUM SCHOLARSHIP. Make a lifechanging difference for deserving law students and in the lifetime of good work they will accomplish as lawyers ... Pepperdine lawyers.

For More Information about the Pepperdine University School of Law Campaign please contact:

Stephanie Buckley
Associate Vice Chancellor
Pepperdine University School of Law