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Arbitrary detention. psychological and Physical abuse. Torture.

These are the forms of persecution inflicted on individuals in oppressive countries because of their race, religion, gender, nationality, or membership in a particular social group.

With an emphasis on claims of religious persecution, Pepperdine's Asylum and Refugee Law Clinic provides critical assistance to indigent foreign-born individuals who seek asylum in the United States because of persecution.

The clinic offers second- and third-year law students the opportunity to represent asylum seekers under the supervision of experienced lawyers.

The Clinic Is Changing Lives

With your help, the Clinic can assist people like Gilda Ghanipour, an Iranian-born woman who was abandoned by her Muslim family after converting to Christianity.

After fearing for her life for decades, she has now been granted asylum in the United States due to the efforts of the Clinic.

We need increased financial resources to expand the work of the Clinic in order to serve the growing number of underprivileged asylum seekers. Your gift will help to change the lives of those escaping persecution in their home countries.

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