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  • Babette E.L. Boliek, Agencies in Crises?: An Examination of State and Federal Agency Emergency Powers, 81 FORDHAM L. REV. 3339 (2013)
  • Deanell Reece Tacha, No Law Student Left Behind, 24 STAN. L. & POL'Y REV. 353 (2013)
  • Herbert E. Cihak & Joan S. Howland, Temptations of the Sirens: Ethical Issues in Libraries, 104 LAW LIBR. J. 531 (2012)
  • Peter Robinson, An Empirical Study of Settlement Conference Nuts and Bolts: Settlement Judges Facilitating Communication, Compromise, and Fear, 17 HARV. NEGOT. L. REV. (2012)
  • Robert J. Pushaw Jr., ObamaCare and the Original Meaning of the Commerce Clause: Identifying Historical Limits on Congress's Powers, 2012 U. ILL. L. REV. 1703
  • Thomas J. Stipanowich, The Arbitration Fairness Index: Using a Public Rating System to Skirt the Legal Logjam and Promote Fairer and More Effective Arbitration of Employment and Consumer Disputes, 60 KAN. L. REV. 985 (2012)
  • Donald E. Childress III, The Alien Tort Statute, Federalism, and the Next Wave of Transnational Litigation, 100 GEO. L.J. 709 (2012)
  • Donald E. Childress III, Forum Conveniens: The Search for a Convenient Forum in Transnational Tort Cases, 52 VA. J. INT'L L. 157 (2012)
  • Peter T. Wendel, California Probate Code Section 6110(C)(2): How Big is the Hole in the Dike?, 41 SW. L. REV. 387 (2012)
  • Kristine S. Knaplund, Astrue v. Capato: The U.S. Supreme Court Decides a Genetic Link Is Not Enough To Be a Parent, ABA SECTION ON REAL PROPERTY, TRUSTS AND ESTATES eREPORT, June 2012
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