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Michael A. Helfand, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Law and Associate Director,
Diane and Guilford Glazer Institute for Jewish Studies

Office: School of Law (SOL)

  • Ph.D., Yale University, 2009
  • J.D., Yale University, 2007
  • B.A., Yeshiva University, 2002

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The Diane and Guilford Glazer Institute for Jewish Studies

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Professor Helfand joined the Pepperdine Law faculty in 2010 where he has taught Contracts, Arbitration Law, and seminars in Law and Religion as well as Multiculturalism and the Law.

Professor Helfand's primary research interests are law and religion, arbitration, contracts, civil rights and constitutional law, focusing on the intersection of private law and religion in contexts such as religious arbitration, religious contracts and religious torts. Professor Helfand's articles have appeared in a variety of journals, including the New York University Law Review, Minnesota Law Review, Boston University Law Review, George Mason Law Review, University of Pennsylvania Journal of Constitutional Law, William & Mary Bill of Rights Journal, and Journal of Law & Religion.



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Popular Press

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  • Michael A. Helfand, A Law We Don't Need, L.A. TIMES, NOV. 10, 2010.
  • Michael A. Helfand, The Young Israel Dilemma: Disengagement or Confrontation, THE JEWISH J., SEPT. 28, 2010.

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