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Welcome from the Sudreau Global Justice Program

Hello! I am Professor Jim Gash, Director of the Sudreau Global Justice Program at Pepperdine Law School. 

If you want your law degree to equip you to serve the underserved around the world, then Pepperdine is the right school for you. As the premier global justice program in the country, Pepperdine has an established and expanding student internship footprint that includes Africa, Asia, and South America.

"Profoundly altered"

''...we hereby quash the conviction and set aside the sentence imposed on the appellant, by the Children's Court''

Ugandan Court of Appeals Ruling


As a law professor at Pepperdine, my life was profoundly altered by the opportunity I had to get involved in a juvenile justice project in Uganda in early 2010. Since then, I have become immersed in international justice initiatives and now serve as Director of Pepperdine's Sudreau Global Justice Program. If you join us at Pepperdine, you will have numerous opportunities to get involved in this life-changing work through summer internships around the globe, spring break trips to developing countries, classes taught by top international lawyers that allow students to directly assist partners across the globe, and conferences exploring the intersection between justice, faith, and law.

Make a difference around the world

Each summer, the Global Justice Program secures international student internships to work with judiciaries and law-based NGO's. Over the past few years, students have gone to Uganda, Rwanda, China, Ghana, Thailand, India, Ecuador, and Peru where they work to promote and strengthen human rights and the rule of law. For example, our Uganda program accepts a dozen students to serve for nine weeks as judicial interns on all levels of the Ugandan Judiciary. They perform legal research, write judgments, and assist the court in its important work. A few of our students are also placed with and assist the chief criminal prosecutor for Uganda. During one of these nine weeks, the students work in a juvenile or adult prison in teams consisting of American lawyers, Ugandan lawyers, and Ugandan law students on behalf of those imprisoned while awaiting trial. We also annually place students with the Chief Justice of Rwanda and other organizations, such as International Justice Mission.

Each spring break, we send many of our upper-division students to developing countries to train foreign lawyers and/or to document human rights abuses. This March, for example, our students are returning once again to Uganda to work with Ugandan lawyers and law students to provide legal counsel to Ugandan prisoners.

Learn from those who do

This past fall, we hosted a delegation of Ugandan Judicial officials to Pepperdine for a week-long training on mediation. This past spring, we welcomed Gary Haugen, President and CEO of International Justice Mission, back to campus to teach a one-week intensive course on International Criminal Justice. This course complements our fall Human Trafficking Practicum course in which our students met with anti-trafficking experts throughout CA and drafted a bill based on their research.

Please visit our program website for further information or read first-hand accounts from our student blog, Waves of Justice. Finally, I encourage you to view our work in action through this short film.

If you can picture yourself using your God-given talents and Pepperdine education to make a direct impact on global justice while in law school, then I look forward to meeting you this next fall.


Jim Gash
Professor of Law,
Sudreau Global Justice Program Director
Pepperdine Law School
+1 310-506-7582