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Students at the Pepperdine School of Law are encouraged to visit the Dean of Students regarding any concern, whether academic, familial, financial, personal, or spiritual. There is a standing offer to listen to concerns and help in any way possible, including referring students to other University departments when appropriate.

In particular, students needing help with personal, mental, emotional, learning, or behavioral difficulties are encouraged to utilize the Counseling Center at Pepperdine University. All information disclosed in sessions with the Counseling Center is confidential and may not be revealed to any individual without the student's written permission, except where required by law.  In addition to the Counseling Center, we're happy to introduce students to, a new comprehensive website geared specifically to the mental health needs of law students.

The Counseling Center is located in the Tyler Campus Center, TCC 270, and appointments are available from 8 a.m. through 4 p.m., Monday through Friday during the regular academic year and summer sessions. Additional information may be found on the Student Counseling Center Web site.

Faculty and Student Mentoring

The faculty and student mentoring program exists to aid students in adapting to the law school environment. Each new student is assigned a faculty mentor and upper division student mentors. The students meet with their mentors throughout the academic year.


The Dean of Students recognizes that balance is important to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, but that balance is difficult to maintain both in law school and in the legal profession. As a result, the Dean of Students works to ensure that programs are in place to promote the often-neglected aspects of a healthy lifestyle, including physical fitness, healthy social interaction, and spiritual life.

In terms of physical fitness, the Dean of Students maintains a close relationship with Pepperdine University's Campus Recreation department. Campus Recreation offers intramural and club sports, affordable group fitness classes, instructional programming, a fitness center, and outdoor excursions. Further, when sufficient student interest exists, the Dean of Students works with Campus Recreation to provide a group fitness class on site at the School of Law. Additional information on Campus Recreation offerings may be found on the Campus Recreation Web site.