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Bar Exam Preparation and Tutoring Resources

In response to student demand for assistance in preparing for bar exams and law school exams, outside vendors offer various products and services. Although Pepperdine University School of Law does not review or endorse any of these products or vendors, we are providing this Web page containing links to these resources for our students. We do recommend that students invest in a commercial bar exam preparation course before taking a state bar examination, but we do not endorse any specific program of instruction. If you are aware of a tutoring resource or bar exam preparation resource that should be listed, please contact Selina Brandt, Associate Dean for Academic Success, at


Alfred Zappala
Bar Essays
Bar Exam Cram Session
Bar Exam Doctor
 Bar Exam Guru
Bar Exam Info
Bar Exam Preparation and Tutoring Resources
Bar None Review
Bar Passers
Bar Perfect
Bar Review Solutions
Bar Tutorial
Bar With Bobby
CA Bar Exam Repeaters Resource
Cal Bar Tutorial Review
California Bar Examination Preparation
CBX Tutor
Emanuel Bar Review
Geissler and Associates
Gould's Legal Education
Josephson Law Bar Exam Prep
Law Bound Prep
Law Works Review Bar Camp
Micro Mash
New York Bar Review
Open Book Bar Prep
Parliament Tutors
PASS - Practical Academic Support Services
Reed Bar Review
Strategic Bar Coach
The Study Group
Supreme Bar Review
Themis Bar Review
The Writing Edge
Varsity Tutors