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Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution

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Educational Opportunities for International Students

Frequently Asked Questions

I have a foreign law degree, am I eligible for the LL.M. in Dispute Resolution?

International students that have the first degree of law required to practice law in their country are eligible to apply for the LL.M. in Dispute Resolution program.

Do I need to get my transcripts evaluated?

All foreign transcripts must be evaluated through an evaluation agency. Applicants for the LL.M. in Dispute Resolution MUST have their transcripts evaluated by LSAC's LL.M. Credential Assembly Service. Students applying to the Certificate or Master's in Dispute Resolution can use an evaluation service of their choosing. All evaluations must provide a full report on the program, as well as grades received for each academic course.

What are the required TOEFL scores?

The Straus Institute's academic programs rely heavily on class discussions and written papers, so it is imperative that international applicants meet the minimum English requirements. Currently our minimum acceptable TOEFL score is 237 CBT, 580 PBT or 93 iBT.

Will I be able to sit for the California or New York Bar?

International students with a foreign law degree are eligible to sit for the California Bar Exam with one year of advanced law study. Many graduates of the LL.M. in Dispute Resolution program have been able to sit for the CA Bar Exam. Additional information on these requirements can be found on the California Bar Exam or New York Bar Exam website.