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Waves of Service Honors Video Featuring Pepperdine Law

A video featuring students and alumni of the School of Law took home the award for best overall video during the annual Waves Weekend in October.

"Pepperdine Law Mexico House Building & Service Trip," a video by Tyler Fouchè, husband of School of Law alumna Tracey Brown Fouchè, was honored on Alumni Field on October 13 after being chosen by Waves of Service as the 2011-2012 best overall video. Prizes included $1,000, and a trip for two to the 37th Annual Associates Dinner scheduled for the spring of 2013.

The couple travelled to Tecáte, Mexico, in January 2010 as members of the International Justice Mission Club at Pepperdine. In partnership with Amor Minitries, several students, including the Fouchè's, worked to build a home for a family living in poverty. "It was all manual labor," said Tracey Fouchè.

"When we got there, the foundation was in place, but we did everything else, from measuring and cutting the wood, to putting up the house's frame, putting the roof on, installing windows, etc. We worked all day and then camped in tents at a campground."

The inspiration for the video, said Fouchè, was to show the successes of the student-run program, and the impact of volunteer work.

"By giving just one weekend of our time, a family who was living in a run down, nearly uninhabitable hut, was able to move into a safe, clean new home," said Tracey Fouchè. "It was such a small sacrifice for us, yet it was one of the biggest blessings this family had ever received."

Many from the group that travelled to Tecáte in 2010 returned for a similar trip in January 2012.

"The trips placement, in the very beginning of second semester, helped to give me perspective on law school," said Tracey Fouche. "I was reminded of how blessed I was to be getting an education. I was also reminded that there are much more important things in life then landing your dream internship or getting in the top percentage of your class. There are people who don't have a house to sleep in at night or don't have enough food to feed their babies. And it's our duty (and joy!) to get to do our little part to help them out."

She continued, "The trip was also a fantastic bonding experience for us law students. It took us out of the stressful and sometimes competitive environment in law school and allowed us to just have fun and get to know one another."

The video is available to view on YouTube.