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Palmer Center Hosts Social Responsibilty Event

School of Law

Capitalism works best when a profitable business takes its success and channels it towards helping others. The Geoffrey H. Palmer Center for Entrepreneurship and the Law explored this concept in a panel discussion titled, "Social Responsibility: Entrepreneurs, Organizations and Corporations Affecting Innovations that Improve Society," on Thursday, Feb. 5, at the School of Law.

Panelists Kinya Claiborne, Louis Posen, and professor Larry Cox discussed the social implications of entrepreneurship.

Kinya Claiborne works with JAKKS Cares, a charitable offshoot of the Malibu-based toy manufacturer, JAKKS Pacific. "Cares" donates toys and school supplies globally to underprivileged children. Claiborne discussed how JAKKS Cares fits in with its parent company, the charities they support, and how and why it was established.

Louis Posen is the founder of punk record labels Hopeless Records and Sub City Records, the artists of which he will feature in a traveling music production called the Take Action Tour. He is also involved in the establishment of the S.T.A.K.E. (Sharing, Training, Assistance, Knowledge, and Education) Scholarship for Social Entrepreneurship, which is available to Pepperdine law students. Posen shared his work with the Take Action Tour, the formation and purpose behind the S.T.A.K.E. scholarship, and how and why he established Sub City Records.

Larry W. Cox, an associate professor of entrepreneurship at Pepperdine's Graziadio School of Business and Management (GSBM), talked about the entrepreneurs he respects and addressed how students can find success in their entrepreneurial pursuits while fulfilling their social responsibility.

For more information, visit the Palmer Center Web site.