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Pepperdine Law Review Selects Student Articles

Eight student articles have been selected for Vol. 36 of the Pepperdine Law Review. The Pepperdine Law Review is published annually by the School of Law and covers a wide array of contemporary legal topics, which in the past have included the death penalty, the First Amendment's "Right of Access," the Americans with Disabilities Act, and stem cell research.

Articles, comments, and case notes are written by judges, law professors, judicial clerks, and practicing attorneys across the country. Submissions from law students are also accepted.

The following student articles were accepted for publication:

Katie Benton

Can Copyright Law Perform the Perfect Fouett?: Keeping Law and Choreography on Balance to Achieve the Purposes of the Copyright Clause

Sorenson Award Winner - Best Student Article

Brian Fahy

Given an Inch, the Detainee Effort to Take a Mile: The Unprecedented Protections of the Detainee Legislation and the Dangers of the "Litigation Weapon in Unrestrained Enemy Hands"

Chris Gaspard

Kimbrough and Gall: Taking Another "Crack" at Expanding Judicial Discretion Under the Federal Sentencing Guidelines

Steven Houchin

Confronting the Shadow: Is Forcing a Muslim Witness to Unveil in Criminal Trial a Constitutional Right or an Unreasonable Intrusion?

Jonathan Lamb

The Muted Rise of the Silent Witness Rule in National Security Litigation the Eastern District of Virginia's Answer to the Fight Over Classified Information at Trial

Brett LoVellette

"Mortal Combat in cleats": An Examination of the Effectiveness of the National Football League's Disability Plan and its Impact of Retired Players

Isaac Miller

The Class Action (Un)Fairness Act of 2005: Could it Spell the End of the Multi-state Consumer Class Action?

Michelle Pulley

Government Tan Lines: Examining the Reach and Effectiveness of Federal and State Efforts to Protect Consumers from the Dangers of Indoor Tanning

For more information visit the Pepperdine Law Review.