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Student Kimberly McCall Takes the Reins of Pepperdine’s Christian Legal Society

Juggling a hectic school, work, and social schedule, second-year student Kimberly McCall makes things look effortless. As the president of the Christian Legal Society, a member of the moot court team, and a student tour guide, McCall has her hands full—before adding law school to the list.

Recently, McCall added another achievement to the list. She and student Rebecca Lee traveled to North Carolina to compete in the Craven Moot Court Competition, where they ascended to the top and won the competition.

“I learned so much about oral advocacy,” says McCall of the competition, which included more than twenty-four teams from schools such as Duke University, William and Mary, and Boston College.

Alumna Rachel Dickey Czernin (JD ‘09), who helped coach the team, was pleased with the women’s hard work. “I was proud to work with the team last week at the Craven Moot Court Competition,” she says. “Rebecca and Kimberly were a class act from start to finish. Their competition was very tough and they stepped up to the challenge round after round.”

In addition to winning the moot court competition, McCall recently landed a coveted summer associate position with in-house counsel for Spectrum Pharmaceuticals, in Irvine, California. As a member of the in-house counsel team, McCall will work in conjunction with a private firm, gaining experience in intellectual property law. She looks forward to possible ligation experience.

Although much of the credit for her many accomplishments is due to her own hard work, McCall is quick to cite the supportive Pepperdine community for her success in law school. 

“The students at Pepperdine really do care about helping each other succeed,” she says of the caring community. “When I was gone for the moot court trip, I had multiple people volunteer to provide me with notes from the missed classes.”

When a class or exam seem insurmountable, McCall and her friends remind each other that God called them to law school, and that they know they can succeed here.

Indeed McCall knew she would attend Pepperdine law as an undergrad. As an accounting and finance major at Abilene Christian University, in Abilene, Texas, McCall didn’t know a lot about Pepperdine before she visited, which sealed the deal.  

“I felt called to come out here after realizing the mission behind the law school,” she explains, adding that the Christian Legal Society was also a huge pull for she and her husband, Matt McCall, who works as an academic advisor at Seaver College.

“It has been really great to be a part of the Christian Legal Society,” says McCall, the newly-elected president. The society, which focuses on fostering relationships, is a dynamic part of law student community. Each week, 50 to 90 students meet for Bible studies and break out groups. They also plan retreats and attend a national conference each year.

“It is incredible to see all the different people God has brought to law school, so they can be built up in concepts of doing justice and showing mercy in this world,” she says of the members. “I have seen so many hearts and lives changed from the group of people involved in CLS. It continues to be a growing group because of the sense of community and purpose there.”

In addition to all her activities, McCall enjoys telling prospective students about the school. “I love being a tour guide because I feel that it’s a major opportunity to give back,” she says. “When I visited Pepperdine, I got this sense that coming here would change the course of my life, and it has in so many ways. Being here has really opened my eyes to the mission and ministry opportunities available in the law.”

by Samantha Troup