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Professor Janet Kerr's Article Earns Acclaim

Janet E. Kerr

Janet E. Kerr, professor of law and executive director of the Geoffrey H. Palmer Center for Entrepreneurship and the Law, has published "The Integrative Market Hypothesis for Stock Market Fluctuations," in Business, Entrepreneurship, and the Law. The article, which Kerr co-wrote with alumnus Alessandro Casati (JD '04), recently became the third most downloaded article in the physics and economics category on the Social Science Research Network (SSRN).

This article has garnered attention because it provides a new understanding of stock market price fluctuations and applies the concepts of quantum physics. This new approach challenges traditional theories of stock price movement, such as Random Walk, finding them antiquated and incomplete. The paper compares the stock price fluctuations to the quantum movement of particles. Read the article here.

Kerr is a nationally recognized entrepreneur, technology adviser, and corporate governance expert. She has been a staff attorney for the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission at both the Los Angeles and New York regional offices, and served a stint in the private sector as an associate at the Los Angeles firm Hahn & Cazier.

She has founded several technology companies. One of her companies, X- Labs, was co-owned with HRL (Hughes Research Laboratories) and was one of the first companies to commercialize technologies from a research institution. Additionally, Kerr is a board member of Larta Institute, a national non-profit organization, which enables the creation, development, and commercialization of cutting-edge technologies in the areas of digital media, life sciences, and alternative energy as well as in other fields.