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Professor Kmiec Featured in The New Yorker

Professor Kmiec

Professor Douglas W. Kmiec, the Caruso Family Chair in Constitutional Law, was recently featured in The New Yorker magazine in an article titled "Party Faithful" on Sept. 8.

The article discusses presidential candidates Barack Obama and John McCain, their political parties, and the so called "religious vote." A large portion of the article is devoted to Professor Kmiec, who made waves when he - a former Republican - endorsed Senator Barack Obama on March 23.

Professor Kmiec talks about Senator Obama's Call to Renewal speech in the article. "His insights there were not only significantly different from the Democrats of the past," Kmiec says, "but they were significantly better than either the Democrats or the Republicans of the past, in the sense that he argued that religion shouldn't be a wedge issue, and that we should stop demonizing each other on that basis. Religion necessarily is a source of morality, and morality is necessarily the place where we draw laws from. That in itself, to have acknowledged that, was a key sales point for me, because even the Supreme Court gets itself tangled on that proposition."

The article discusses Professor Kmiec's convictions as a Catholic and his meeting with Senator Obama and other religious leaders for a private conversation on faith earlier this year. Read the article here.