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London Program: Fall 2014

Student Travel/Health Insurance

Studying in London should be a rewarding, memorable and safe experience. As is always the case (at home or abroad), students are encouraged to maintain adequate travel/health insurance coverage. In the event that a student should require emergency medical care in the UK, it is prudent to have valid medical insurance (some emergency care may be provided without cost under the UK healthcare regime, but this is not guaranteed). For the even more remote possibility that more extensive health care is necessary, including medical evacuation back home, students are encouraged to verify that their current health coverage is effective while traveling overseas and/or obtain adequate or additional travel/health insurance coverage.

Students are responsible for their own travel/health insurance needs while participating in Pepperdine's London Program (and related group and independent travel). Students who do not have adequate travel/health insurance coverage are strongly encouraged to obtain adequate insurance coverage. Students who already have existing insurance coverage are also strongly encouraged to obtain specialty travel/health insurance for their studies abroad. There are many student-oriented travel/health insurance companies who can supply basic or supplemental travel/health insurance coverage. While not endorsing any particular commercial insurance product or company, many students obtain such insurance, at a relatively low cost, through "Travel Guard" (affiliated with AIG Insurance Company -- information available at: