Mentoring Program

Expectations of Students

Pepperdine Law students are expected to treat the mentoring program as a unique opportunity to foster a relationship with a Pepperdine Law Alumnus that will be both productive and meaningful for both the student and the mentor. The students are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner and be respectful of their mentors' time. Please remember also that the responsibility to initiate and maintain communication falls partly with the student.

Since first year students are automatically registered for group mentoring and will have access to one or more student and faculty mentors, priority for one-on-one mentoring opportunities will be given to second and third year students. Once all registered second and third year students have been successfully paired with an alumni mentor, first year students will be paired with a one-on-one alumni mentor if a suitable match can be made from the remaining alumni registrants.

Student/Mentee Registration

The Mentoring Program runs throughout the academic year, from August to June, officially beginning at New Student Orientation and ending with a program follow-up survey released in June.