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Financial Assistance

Cost of Attendance

2014-2015 Academic Year

The budget information provided should be used to assist Juris Doctor candidates as they plan for the 2014-2015 academic year. The budget accurately reflects charges for the nine-month academic year. In addition, we would like to stress the importance of budgeting carefully and living modestly while you attend the School of Law.

Malibu Campus

Tuition* $48,970.00 (flat rate)
Room $14,034.00
Board $3,196.00
SBA Fees $60.00
Books $1,200.00
Transportation $1,608.00
Medical Expenses $3,000.00
Personal Expenses $4,932.00 *
Total $77,000.00

* Includes an average of $1,500 in loan fees associated with borrowing Stafford and Grad-PLUS loans.

Direct Costs

Direct costs are actual charges applied directly to your student account, such as tuition and the Student Bar Association (SBA) fee.

Any miscellaneous charges/fees added to the student account as they are incurred by the student, for example: on-campus housing, student health insurance, class fees, phone charges, etc.

Non-Direct Costs

Non-Direct costs are not charged to your student account. The non-direct costs include: board, books, supplies, transportation, and personal expenses. Although individual expenses for non-direct costs may vary per student, the financial aid budget closely reflects the actual cost for each item listed above.

* J/D students enrolled in 9 units or less will be charged $1,800 per unit.