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Financial Assistance

Visiting Student Consortium Agreement

If you plan to visit another school and are in need of financial aid, you must notify the Office of Financial Assistance in writing. If, on the other hand, you are visiting Pepperdine from another school, you must contact your home school so that they may process your financial aid. A Consortium Agreement is required for all visiting students requesting financial assistance.

Consortium Agreement

A consortium agreement is a blanket agreement between two eligible schools for students that will take related courses at neighboring schools or enroll in an exchange program with another eligible school for a term or more. The school must have one agreement for each student and a separate agreement with each visiting school.

Students interested in visiting another school must be granted approval from the Associate Dean of Academics at the School of Law.

A consortium agreement is required for students who would like to receive financial aid while attending the visiting school. Pepperdine University, also referred to as the home school, will process and disburse the financial aid. The visiting school, also referred to as the host school, will confirm the student's enrollment status. Together, they will coordinate the enrollment and the awarding and disbursement of student financial aid funds.

The Home school is the institution where the student is pursuing a degree or certificate.

The Visiting-Host school is the institution where the student is enrolled, but is not pursuing a degree or certificate.

The primary source of funding for students visiting another school is federal and/or private loans. Students who currently receive some form of grant, scholarship or Perkins loan, are not eligible to receive this type of funding while visiting another school.

The visiting schools cost of attendance will be used to determine eligibility for federal and/or private loans. The cost of attendance will include tuition, room, board, books, transportation, and personal expenses.

In order for financial aid funds to be disbursed, the Office of Financial Assistance is required to verify enrollment at the visiting school. Once enrollment is verified, Federal Stafford loan funds are mailed directly to the visiting school on behalf of the student, and private loan funds are mailed to the student.

Students must provide our office with contact information from the visiting school, and notify the contact person that the consortium agreement is to follow. Students have the ultimate responsibility of informing the visiting school that financial aid is being processed through their home school and must follow up with both the home and visiting schools. If you are visiting Pepperdine from another school, it is requested that all financial aid checks sent by your home school be forwarded directly to the School of Law Office of Student Accounts.

The student is also responsible for repaying federal and/or private loan funds if they drop credit hours or withdraw completely from the program during the term specified.

Information regarding billing dates and payment options is available in person at the School of Law Student Account Office or via the Web site.