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Photo of Grant Nelson, J.D.

Grant Nelson, J.D.
William H. Rehnquist Professor of Law

Office: School of Law (SOL)

  • J.D., University of Minnesota, 1963
  • B.A., University of Minnesota, 1960

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Professor Nelson joined the Pepperdine faculty in 2007 as the William H. Rehnquist Professor of Law. Before coming to Pepperdine, Professor Nelson was on the faculty at UCLA School of Law since 1991 and taught Real Estate Finance, Advanced Real Estate Transactions, Property, Land Use Regulation, and Remedies. He was the recipient of the UCLA School of Law's Rutter Award for Excellence in Teaching in 2000 and the UCLA University's Distinguished Teaching Award in 2002. UCLA law graduates selected him as "Professor of the Year" in 2004, 2005 and 2007.

He was the co-reporter for the American Law Institutes Restatement of Property (Third)-Mortgages (1997), served on the Law School Editorial Advisory Board of the West Publishing Company, and as a commissioner of the National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws.



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  • Grant S. Nelson, Forty-Five Years as a Remedies Teacher: A Retrospective, 57 ST. LOUIS U. L.J. 751 (2013) SSRN HeinOnline
  • Grant S. Nelson and Gabriel Serbulia, Strategic Defaulters versus the Federal Taxpayer: A Brief for the Preemption of State Anti-Deficiency Law for Residential Mortgages, 66 ARK. L. REV. 65 (2013) SSRN HeinOnline
  • Grant S. Nelson & Robert J. Pushaw Jr., The Likely Impact of National Federation on Commerce Clause Jurisprudence, 40 PEPP. L. REV. 975 (2013) SSRN HeinOnline
  • Grant S. Nelson, Confronting the Mortgage Meltdown: A Brief for the Federalization of State Mortgage Foreclosure Law, 37 PEPP. L. REV. 583 (2010) SSRN HeinOnline
  • Grant Nelson, The Foreclosure Purchase by the Equity of Redemption Holder or Other Junior Interests: When Should Principles of Fairness and Morality Trump Normal Priority Rules?, 72 MO. L. REV. 1259 (2007) SSRN HeinOnline
  • Grant S. Nelson & Dale A. Whitman, Adopting Restatement Mortgage Subrogation Principles: Saving Billions of Dollars for Refinancing Homeowners, 2006 BYU L. REV. 305 (2006) SSRN HeinOnline
  • Grant S. Nelson & Dale A. Whitman, Reforming Foreclosure: The Uniform Nonjudicial Foreclosure Act, 53 DUKE L.J. 1399 (2004) SSRN HeinOnline
  • Grant S. Nelson, A Commerce Clause Standard for the New Millennium: "Yes" to Broad Congressional Control over Commercial Transactions; "No" to Federal Legislation on Social and Cultural Issues, 55 ARK. L. REV. 1213 (2003) SSRN HeinOnline
  • Grant S. Nelson & Robert J. Pushaw Jr., A Critique of the Narrow Interpretation of the Commerce Clause, 96 N.W.U. L. REV. 695 (2002) SSRN HeinOnline
  • Grant S. Nelson & Robert J. Pushaw Jr., Rethinking the Commerce Clause: Applying First Principles to Uphold Federal Commercial Regulations But Preserve State Control Over Social Issues, 85 IOWA L. REV. 1 (1999) SSRN HeinOnline

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