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Photo of Christine Chambers Goodman, J.D.

Christine Chambers Goodman, J.D.
Professor of Law

Office: School of Law (SOL)

  • J.D., Stanford Law School
  • B.A., Harvard College, cum laude

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Professor Goodman joined the Pepperdine faculty in 2001. She teaches Race and the Law, Evidence, and Trial Practice. She taught Evidence as well as Anti- Discrimination in the London Summer program. Professor Goodman also has taught courses in Community Outreach/ Youth Mentoring, Criminal Law, Constitutional Law, and Trial Preparation and Settlement. She serves as an advisor to the Black Law Students' Association and the Women's Legal Association, and has been a mock trial team coach. Professor Goodman writes on equal protection topics, including affirmative action, preferences, diversity and racial privacy, as well as evidentiary and criminal law issues, such as the lack of transparency in the death penalty decision-making process in California and medical privacy. Her book, California Evidence, in Aspen's Examples and Explanations series was released in June.

While at Stanford Law School, Professor Goodman participated on the board of directors for the Annual Women of Color and the Law Conference, worked as a teaching assistant in the political science department, and was an assistant editor for a new journal on gender issues. After law school she worked as an associate at Manatt, Phelps & Phillips (1991-93) and Gipson, Hoffman & Pancione (1993-1995), engaging in civil litigation in state and federal courts. In 1995, Professor Goodman began teaching at UCLA, and created and taught a course in lawyering skills for public interest attorneys.



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  • Reports

  • Christine Chambers Goodman, H. Mitchell Caldwell & Carol A. Chase, Structure and Administration of the Exercise of Discretion by California District Attorneys in Prosecuting Homicides as Death Cases, submitted to the California Commission on the Fair Administration of Justice, http://www.ccfaj.org/rr-dp-expert.html.
  • Popular Press

  • Christine Chambers Goodman, Western Regional Conference of the National Black Law Students' Association in Las Vegas, "Success after Law School", 2011.
  • Christine Chambers Goodman, Lecturer, Black History Month Lecture Series at Seaver College of Pepperdine University, 2010.
  • Christine Chambers Goodman, Moderator, panel for Martin Luther King Week at Pepperdine Law School, "The Civil Rights Movement Then and Now", 2009.
  • Christine Chambers Goodman, Presenter, Mock law class for high school students, LACBA Diversity in the Profession Committee and Pepperdine Law School, 2009.
  • Christine Chambers Goodman & Carol Chase, Radio interview re district attorney responses to 2008 death penalty survey, 2009.
  • Christine Chambers Goodman, Speaker, California Association of Licensed Investigators Semi-Annual Conference, Evidence and Death Penalty cases, El Segundo, CA, 2009.
  • Christine Chambers Goodman, Keynote Speaker, Pepperdine Women of Color Leadership Dinner, Malibu, CA, 2009.
  • Christine Chambers Goodman, Witness before the California Commission on the Fair Administration of Justice in Los Angeles re: survey on death penalty policies and statistics and the responses from District Attorney Offices, 2008.
  • Christine Chambers Goodman, Moderator, panel on "Nuts and Bolts of College and Law School" for students at Garfield High School who participated in the Los Angeles County Bar Association's Diversity in the Profession Mentoring Program, 2008.
  • Christine Chambers Goodman, Speaker/panelist, "Recognizing and Reducing Gender Bias in the Legal and Accounting professions," the Ethics Symposium of the CPA/ Law Society of Ventura, 2008.
  • Christine Chambers Goodman, Speaker and moderator, panel on "Nuts and Bolts of College and Law School" for students at Wilson High School who participated in the Los Angeles County Bar Association's Diversity in the Profession Mentoring Program, 2008.
  • Christine Chambers Goodman, Presenter, "Writing about Political and Other Passions," AALS Mid-Year Conference on Evidence Law, 2008.
  • Christine Chambers Goodman, Facilitator, Constitutional Rights Foundation's Summer Law Institute, 2008.
  • Christine Chambers Goodman, Facilitator and Commerntator, Northeast People of Color Legal Scholarship Conference, Boston University Law School, 2008.
  • Christine Chambers Goodman, Panelist, Pepperdine Law School Family Day, "Student life", 2008.
  • Christine Chambers Goodman, Organizer, Panelist, Pepperdine Law Review Symposium on Post-Grutter diversity in Legal Education, 2007.
  • Christine Chambers Goodman, Panelist and Co-Moderator, Pepperdine Faculty Conference, "Preparing Students to Work with Diverse Populations" and "Civility as the Foundation of Academic Culture", 2007.
  • Christine Chambers Goodman, Debate on Affirmative Action, Pepperdine University School of Law, 2007.

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