London Program

What Students Say...

"The London Summer Program is the secret treasure of the Pepperdine Law School experience. It was great to learn about London's political and legal culture while advancing my class work. I also really enjoyed traveling on the weekends. It was a great way to spend the summer following my first year."

"I really liked the way the program was tailored to accommodate our needs from on-campus facilities to the Legal London day. It made this program fun, educational and professionally enriching. I can go back to the U.S. with great memories as well as a great international-professional-educational-legal experience which will enhance my credibility when I get into the real world."

"An outstanding experience. My professors were absolutely wonderful. I will be recommending that the international coordinator at my law school contact Pepperdine in the hope that more of our students are made aware of this program."

"As a non-Pepperdine student, I would highly recommend the London program to students who have the time and money to take advantage of this opportunity. The school's location is in the heart of London and the faculty and staff are extremely helpful with whatever issues/inquiries arise. If you will be attending this program as the only student from your school, don't feel that you'll be excluded from 'the group.' I NEVER felt this way."