Location and Transportation

London Program

Pepperdine's London Program is located at the Pepperdine University "London House" at 56 Prince's Gate, London SW7 in the prestigious Knightsbridge and South Kensington area. Three of London's major museums (the Victoria & Albert Museum, the Science Museum and the Natural History Museum) are in the same locale, with the Royal Albert Hall and Hyde Park just to the north of campus. The London House has excellent facilities, including two classrooms, which seat approximately 42 and 20 students respectively, a library, wireless network, computer room with Internet, Lexis and Westlaw connections, administrative and faculty offices and a commons room. The on-site library has a limited collection, which is designed to provide support for the courses being taught in the program.  See Cultural Experiences for more on the location.

The Pepperdine professor-in-residence visiting from Malibu lives in one of the two faculty flats in the building, providing excellent opportunity for student-faculty interaction. The facility is shared with approximately 40 undergraduate students from Seaver College of Pepperdine University who live in the building and also take classes there.

Transportation to London

Transportation expenses to London can differ depending upon various factors including the time of travel and the place of origin of travel. As a guide, the current (July '14) average round-trip coach class airfare from Los Angeles to London (for the applicable school travel dates) is in the $1,800 range.

Location of Pepperdine University London House

Pepperdine University
56 Prince's Gate
London SW7 2PG
Tel: 020 7581 1506 (From the US dial: 011 44 20 7581 1506)
Fax: 020 7584 2313 (From the US dial: 011 44 20 7584 2313)

By Taxi or Car:

The easiest way to travel to Pepperdine/Summer Accommodation when you have a lot of luggage is by TAXI (official regulated "black" taxi cab" that may actually be in colors other than black) but this is a high cost option unless you are traveling with one or two others. Depending on traffic (taxis are metered), the fare to central London can cost $120 or more.

An alternative to traveling by taxi is to organize a car to meet you.  Contact Airport Executive at 01144 208 838 3333 or Simply Taxis 01144 207 701 4321. These have to be pre-booked. Give them your name, flight number, arrival time and departure city. They will track the flight and meet you. The price will be a set rate for the journey and they will give you 40 minutes to get through immigration control and collect your luggage. Then the clock starts ticking and charges accrue for waiting. Having "pound sterling" with you will be helpful (they will accept credit cards for pre-booked fares, but charge a fee to do so).

By Express Trains to Central London:

Another option is an express train. Both Heathrow and Gatwick airports are served by EXPRESS TRAINS that will bring you quickly into the center of London:

From Heathrow Airport (www.baa.co.uk/heathrow), the Heathrow Express (www.heathrowexpress.com) is a direct fast train from the airport to Paddington Station (One of the many Central London Train Stations). Trains leave every 15 minutes and the journey to Paddington Station takes about 15 minutes. The one-way fare is approximately £16.50 (about $27). Upon arrival at Heathrow Airport, follow the signs for the Heathrow Express. From Paddington Station, you can then catch a taxi to Pepperdine/Summer Accommodation.

From Gatwick Airport (www.baa.co.uk/gatwick) the Gatwick Express (www.gatwickexpress.com) is a direct fast train from the airport to Victoria Station (another of Central London's train stations). The trains run every 15 minutes and the journey to Victoria Station takes about 30 minutes. The one-way fare is approximately £16 (about $25). A cab ride from Victoria to Pepperdine/Summer Accommodation should not be too expensive but it does depend on the traffic. It is certainly more convenient than trying to move your luggage around on the Underground, especially if you are arriving during the rush hour. Only take taxis from the cab ranks, never from someone who approaches you.

By Subway (Underground or "Tube"):

The least expensive option for transportation to Pepperdine/Summer Accommodation from Heathrow (not available from Gatwick) is to travel by UNDERGROUND TRAIN or the "tube". This can, however, be a bit difficult if you are traveling with a lot of luggage. All terminals at Heathrow are connected to the Underground's "Piccadilly" line (the dark blue line on the Tube map). Upon arrival at the airport, follow the signs for the Underground. Buy a "one-way" ticket at either a ticket booth or a ticket machine to the South Kensington station ("tube" stop). The Underground leaves at varying times depending on the time of day, but runs approximately every 10 minutes. The journey from Heathrow to South Kensington station is about 60 minutes.

At South Kensington exit the station to the ticket office level and look to your right. You will see a tunnel indicating the museums. Follow the tunnel right to the end (about 300 yards). Exit to street level. Cross the road and walk to your left. You will see Pepperdine House on your right about 50 yards up. If you have a lot of baggage and feel that you would struggle to reach the London facility, there are black cabs around the South Kensington station and they can take you there which will cost you around $12 depending on traffic.