London Program: Fall 2014

Program Costs

Typical costs associated with attending Pepperdine's Fall London Program include tuition, books, room and board, an activity fee, and personal travel and entertainment-related expenses. Tuition is the same as for Malibu classes based on a flat-fee. The 2013 tuition was $23,340 for ten or more units, but this will shortly be updated for Fall 2014, so please take this amount as approximate. Book costs vary depending on the course and travel and entertainment expenses can vary considerably for each student.

The activity fee covers the costs of the Parliament Tour, Legal London Tour, London Bus Tour, tour guides, Opening Week Dinner, Afternoon Tea, and dinner in one of the Inns of Courts.  There may be additional activities scheduled.

Please note that other than tuition and the activity fee, the actual costs for London-related items such as board, room, transportation, etc. may be less (or more) depending on foreign currency exchange rates.

Financial aid and scholarships (if applicable) function in the same manner as those for a typical semester of studying law at Pepperdine in Malibu. It should be noted that the maximum amount of available loan assistance for students studying in London is greater than for those studying in Malibu due to anticipated additional costs of studying abroad. Below is a budget of estimated charges.  Actual expenses may be higher or lower depending on the individual student.

Item Cost
*Tuition $23,340 

Activity Fee

Housing (approx 4,385 or 244 pounds sterling per week)  $7,500

Estimated Personal Expenses

Books   $600
Transportation (R/T Los Angeles to London)  $1,800
Board (depending on how often you eat out)  $4,000
Student Body Association Fee    $30
Medical Expenses  $1,292


Pepperdine students interested in the Fall program should complete the application form.  

Visiting Students apply via a separate form which can be found in the "Application" tab on the left.

Application Deposit: 

A $50 deposit is required for all Pepperdine applications.

Your place is not secure until both your application form and deposit have been received. Placement is on a first come, first served basis.

This deposit can be paid via the Student Services section of WaveNet.  The $50 application deposit will be applied toward tuition.

Program Deposit:

A second deposit of $400 is due April 1, 2014 or before.

This is in addition to the $50 application deposit due with your application.

The $400 deposit will be applied toward your tuition. If your deposit is not received by April 1, you will lose your priority placement in the application line.

Both deposits become non-refundable on April 1, 2014.

Deposits will post to any balances due on your student account so be sure to pay owing charges in full before submitting your deposit.

If you have any questions please contact Nancy Eisenberg on 310 506 4981 or at


* Tuition is subject to change for Fall 2014